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Which Dating Site at ad:tech Will Get You Laid?

on April 5, 2012

In the back of the expo floor at ad:tech San Francisco stood two salacious services: iBallers and Fling dot com. All three of these sites and their subsidiaries are online dating “hookup sites” where it is understood that by participating and connecting, the end goal is usually sex.

I caught one moment where the hired booth babes of Fling dot com were chatting up the babes of iBallers. Here’s what happened in our engagement and you make the call as to which one will better help you get laid.

Photo courtesy of Sukhjit Ghag.

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Patrick J. Kearney April 6, 2012 at 10:38 am

Ron White was right; you can’t fix stupid. 

I blame the dipshit CEOs of these sites for the blank stares of their booth babes, not the girls themselves. Assuming they were hired because these girls represent the promise of their brand – its pathetic how easy it was to deflate and expose the false promise with a simple question, “are YOU a member?” 

Lesson: spokespeople need talking points! If you hire a model – pay her to say YES, I am on the site. Make profiles for them so the models can pull them up and show people. At least TRY to incorporate your product in the pitch!

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