Visibility Tactic #2: Align Your Brand with More Well-Known Brands

on January 20, 2015


The fastest way to get others to recognize your brand is to associate it with existing brands. The most common manifestation of this technique are unbelievably boring case studies. Instead, we recommend you reach out to huge brands for which you do and don’t have a relationship and conduct interviews. Even if there isn’t a connection you could still do an analysis of their business and how it relates to what you’re doing. In either case, the repeated mention of the brand creates an association between your two brands.

Another risky yet highly valuable “association” technique is to initiate a controversy with your industry’s 500 lb. gorilla. Known as “fighting up,” this method requires a brand that can handle the inevitable controversy of dragging your biggest competitor into an online debate. If handled well, the competitor will take a slight hit, or possibly get some decent PR, but your unknown brand will be brought to the main stage and in the eyes of your audience, become a formidable competitor with the 500 lb. gorilla.

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