Visibility Tactic #3: Connect Industry Thought Leaders Through Your Content

on January 21, 2015

If you’re just starting out, your industry thought leaders have something you don’t have – influence. Influencers don’t achieve that status because they announce, “I’m an influencer.” They become influencers because others recognize them as such. Continue that chain of influence development by bringing influencers into your content.

VisibilityTip03_aThe mere association of influencers in your content will benefit your brand four-fold:

  1. Initiate or deepen a relationship with that influencer.
  2. Industry members who follow these influencers will begin to recognize your brand as a connector of major influencers.
  3. Invited influencers will be honored to participate with such a well-known group of influencers. That will increase their opinion of your brand.
  4. You’re providing valuable content to the industry.

For this technique to work, you must make the influencers look good in your content. That requires quality content production they’d want to share. If your production is schlocky, the relationship building will have the opposite effect.


Creative Commons photo attributions to and Gabe McIntire.

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