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RSA Conference 2015 in 5 Minutes and Our Complete Coverage

on April 27, 2015

Last week, the Spark Media Solutions team, along with our client Tenable Network Security, wrapped up a ton of coverage of the 2015 RSA Conference, the annual gathering of information security professionals in San Francisco. Here’s a collection of all of our coverage. Both teams worked tirelessly to generate and publish all the content in just one week. The first video is our five minute summary of the event.

RSA Conference 2015: End of Show Report

Before the event began, we also produced a preview video for the conference that played for just two weeks prior to the conference. We put it up on YouTube, but the major play we got was through its coverage and sponsorship on

9 Trends to Watch Out for at RSA Conference 2015

The next three videos are “man on the street” videos where we asked attendees all the same question and then compiled their answers into a fun fast-paced two-minute compilation. Along with each video we also created meme photos of each answer which we posted on Flickr, tweeted out, and posted the full collection as a Slideshare presentation. I provide the Slideshare and the link to the Flickr galleries after each video.

Also, one week prior to the conference we published a crowdsourced article in which we asked industry experts, “How have you been unsuccessful communicating security to the business, and how did you turn it around?” The final article, “15 Ways Infosec Pros Turn Tech Talk Into Business Language” was immensely successful, garnering more than 300 social shares.

Two Minutes of the Most Frightening Things That Ever Appeared on a Network

Flickr gallery for “Unwelcome Network Surprises.”

If Your CEO Asks, “How Secure Are We?” What Do You Say?

Flickr gallery for “How Secure Are We?”

The Best Cloud Security Advice in Two Minutes

Flickr gallery for “Best Cloud Security Advice.”

Lastly, to get the best content about information security, we reached out to influencers to get their insight on the hottest industry trends while staying within the boundaries of the Tenable editorial goal. Here is the complete collection of all our one-on-one thought leader interviews with links to the blog posts on the Tenable Security Blog and the associated videos.

One-on-one interviews at RSA Conference 2015

Cloud Computing Trade-Offs
Bruce Schneier 
Our Next Workforce May Require Continuous Authentication
Edward Haletky 
The Cultural Change of DevOps and Why You Should Embrace Nightmares
Josh Corman 
Rejoice, Security is Finally a Feature. Now Let’s Automate It.
David Mortmon 
Oh No! Security Got What They Want from the Business
Alex Sutton 
An Effective Security Model for Startups That DOESN’T Involve Best Practices
Mike Dahn 
Crafting the Right Answer to “How Secure Are We?”
Andy Ellis 
Securing Big Data so You’re Not Fooled by Bogus Information
Davi Ottenheimer
The Essential Trinity for Security Awareness: Visibility, Threat Management, and Automation
Adrian Sanabria
Use ‘Incidents’ as an Opportunity to Focus Development
Andy Ellis
Having the Hard Conversation Business Wants to Hear, But May Not Like
Martin McKeay
Determining if the Cloud is a Better Solution Given Your Environment
Ben Rothke
For Your Chosen Cloud Provider, Make Demands Not Assumptions
Brian Honan
Save Yourself Money by Getting Ahead of Legal Requirements for Data Security
Kirk Herath
One Personality Trait Every Security Professional Must Have
Wendy Nather
Even if You Think You’re Avoiding the Cloud, You’re Probably Using It
Steve Herrod
Four Cloud Mistakes You Need to Avoid
Dave Lewis and Bill Brenner
Adopt the “G.I. Joe” Philosophy of Securing Rogue Devices
Jayson E. Street
Using Marketing Techniques to Affect Behavioral Changes in Security
Thom Langford

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