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My Five Favorite Videos from Interop 2011

on January 18, 2012

Were you at Interop last year? Want to relive all the excitement? Probably not, so why don’t you just check out some of the best videos I shot at the event while I was reporting for Dice.

Here are my five favorite videos from Interop 2011

Interop Google’s Vinton Cerf on the company’s culture of tolerating failure – Watch me make an incredibly stupid mistake interviewing one of the legends of the Internet
Interop Interop 2011: Tour of the Network Operations Center (NOC) – The coolest thing they do at Interop every year, and I take a tour of the entire thing.
Interop Funniest trade show booth I’ve ever seen – This was awesome, a mechanical bull on the trade show floor.
Interop The latest trend in IT is the democratization of IT – My interview with Lenny Heymann, General Manager of the entire conference.
Interop CIO Boot Camp: Is your IT department a Terminator? Is it Sponge Bob? Or is it Colin Powell? – IT departments get no respect.

Here are 25 more videos from Interop 2011

Interop CIO Boot Camp: Meet EnviroTech’s entire IT department, Vincent
Interop Do you need (or want) 169 terabytes of traffic per second?
Interop Ciphertex’s handy five terabyte carry-it-with-you RAID storage
Interop Vint Cerf: More applications need to share and reuse spectrum
Interop Google’s Vint Cerf on flowing in and out of multimedia conversation modes
Interop Netscout provides deeper insight into voice and video traffic
Interop Digital analytics for foot traffic
Interop Vidyo’s video conferencing solution lies somewhere between Polycom and Skype
Interop Interop 2011 Grand Prize Winner: Performance analytics for your virtual environment
Interop The best way to prepare for a giant network attack is to create one yourself
Interop Cisco offers application administrators real-time insight into the network
Interop Extracting the benefits of fiber when you only have a copper network
Interop Spiceworks — Free network monitoring and social network
Interop The best testing environment is the one that simulates real traffic through your network
Interop NEC’s Programmable Flow Switch automatically configures switches
Interop Citrix Receiver: One solution for onboarding any mobile device
Interop Moving everyday files quickly to and from the cloud
Interop CIO Boot Camp: Decision making under massive uncertainty
Interop CIO Boot Camp: Letting students pass digital notes in school and church
Interop CIO Boot Camp: What I really want to do is virtualize
Interop CIO Boot Camp: What technology do you want to retire?
Interop CIO Boot Camp: How can my technical infrastructure compete against the agility of a start up?
Interop CIO Boot Camp: What do IT directors have in common?
Interop CIO Boot Camp: Jumping the Curve: Switching from old to new technology
Interop What’s everybody talking about at Interop?

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