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TDS #50: Mike and David Celebrate a Year of Tear Downs

on July 31, 2014

A full year of tear downs!

In this episode, David and Mike talk about the year, their favorite guests, and the latest in tech and media.

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  • Swell App acquired by Apple; Marco launches his podcast app (story)
  • How I exposed a social media/sales “expert” on Twitter. (the Twitter conversation)
  • HBO $49/month only web trial may expand past Comcast (story)
  • Hilton moving to smartphones as keys (story)
  • Hilton offers beautiful hotels, and endless emails (story)
  • NYT Chronicle from NYTimes labs – Search keywords over the paper’s history. (the tool)
  • Amazon opens a 3D printing store (story)
  • Dungeons and Dragons turns 40 this year and it saved many a teenager, including David and Michael (story)
  • Dungeons and Dragons Open Sourced through d20 License (the available rules)
  • Nerd Poker – Podcast of comedians playing D&D with Brian Posehn (podcast)
  • Weed is legal (at least in Michael’s state of Washington) (story)
  • “Public” to the media industry and technology industry. The blurred lines. And how “Policy” tries to control it. Anil Dash piece on Medium. Interesting discussion. (story)
  • Kindle Unlimited (learn more)
  • NPR One – New curated app for NPR content. Requires you to log in via G+ or Facebook. Collects user data, and learns from behavior. Also has donate button. (read story and download the app)
  • Bonza app for crossword puzzle fanatics (download the app)

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