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by David Spark on December 11, 2008

David Meerman Scott is the author of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR,” “Tuned In,” and the forthcoming book, “World Wide Rave.”

What is the “Be the Voice” podcast? Interviews with individuals developing thought leadership for themselves and their organization to drive business growth.
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David Meerman Scott from Inbound Marketing

Here are some of the highlights from my interview with David Meerman Scott:

Summary (David Meerman Scott):

  • Three years ago, most companies were more interested in site usability and design for their site, not content.
  • Marketers are still being trained that the way to get your information into the marketplace is to buy advertising and convince the media to write about you.
  • With new media, you can technically get your message out there for zero cost. That’s simply not possible with traditional media.
  • Stop measuring sales leads and start measuring the number of people exposed to your ideas.
  • If you’re only talking to and about your customers, you’re missing a huge percentage of your market. You have to focus on your non-customers. You have to focus on the market you’re trying to attract, not just the market you currently have.
  • Fallacy of viral marketing. Traffic doesn’t equate to customers for you. Offering a free iPod can go viral and lots of companies do offer free iPods. That’s just people who want a free iPod, not people who want your stuff.
  • Ask yourself what can you do today to get more people online to know who you are. Ask that question every day, and over a couple of years you’ll be an industry voice.
  • Everyone’s a dork sometimes and I think the alternative is you’re not out there.

Read the entire article and listen to my interview with David Meerman Scott [36:02 m].

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